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How to talk to a girl to date with her on Camsurf chat app?

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You can tell stories that increase your value to her.
More precisely :
Stories that will make her feel that you are a man of confidence who is appreciated by women and who knows how to take care of them and protect them. For example, talk about your little sister or your friends:
“This weekend I took my little sister to the cinema”
“Last night we celebrated a friend’s birthday”

How can I open a conversation on the Camsurf chat site?

It implies that you have an active life. And especially that you have female friends…
Which shows that women appreciate you.
And so there is surely something interesting to discover at home.
• Anecdotes about your travels or your holidays with your friends:
If you do not have an anecdote to tell about a trip, you can simply make her understand subtly that you are there “you too” went:
For example, in the case where she tells you “I went to Italy this summer”, you can say “You visited Milan?” (Or another city, where you’ve been before) and then ask her very specific questions that imply that you know this city (and therefore that you have already gone there).
It’s much more subtle and effective than saying “Oh yes I went too!” Like a guy trying to prove something…
• Do not hesitate to mention events that highlight your passions or favorite activities (if they are worth it).

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Tips and Recommendations for Men to Talk to Girls on Camsurf App


An effective way to project social value:
Know how to seize opportunities that allow you to convey social value.
For example, if the girl you are chatting with said she went to such and such a place, just say that a friend of yours also went there. If she tells you that she is doing ballet, tell her that a friend of yours does it too.
But better: instead of saying directly that you have a friend who went to such or such a place or who does this or that activity, tell anecdotes which imply that.
It’s a more subtle and effective way to proceed. Because you do not pass for a guy who tries at all costs to prove something. So do it in a subtle way, not every time. Otherwise, you will go for a guy who is trying to prove something.

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