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Camsurf Banned Users and Ban Removal

camsurf banned user

If Camsurf has banned a user, it is prevented from logging into the system for a certain period of time or continuously. In such a case, the blocked person has violated the rules of use. As Camsurf, we do not intend to ban any users. But we have developed specific rules to give you a better quality and sustainable service. If you have encountered a ban, you may have experienced one or more of the following situations.

Camsurf Ban Reasons

Disrespect to Other Users

• Abusive or implied text
• To make degrading remarks and behaviors towards others due to religion, language, etc.
• Using threatening attitude or verbally expressing
• Making violent behavior, words or implications

Acting Improperly and Violating the Rules

• Giving naked images in front of the camera
• Showing inappropriate parts of the body, especially to the camera
• Move the camera away from the face and try to show the unsuitable parts of the body
• To exhibit other sexual behaviors

camsurf ban reasons

Violating Terms of Use

• Broadcasting the screenshot to another broadcast channel
• Secure the camera to another broadcast channel
• Start fixing the webcam to a text
• Deceiving other people using some software that mimics the camera

Spams that Violate Terms of Use

• Promoting other brands for a commercial purpose
• Forward commercial links in text messages
• Engage other users for a commercial purpose

For this reason, it is possible to ban all users. We are updating our rules in order to provide a better quality service for you. We strive to improve this service to ensure that foreigners can chat and become friends. Please read the Camsurf rules carefully and continue chatting. Otherwise you may be banned.

How does the grievance mechanism work?

camsurf report abuse

While chatting, there is a bildir report abuse button on the screen. This button plays an active role in situations where the person violates the rules. If the person is bothering you and violating the rules, you can tell us by pressing the button. The screenshot is transmitted to us as a complaint and the user is closely monitored. If a violation is detected, the user is banned for a certain period of time or indefinitely. Please be sensitive to such situations and let us create a more useful online chat together.

Camsurf Ban Removal

Camsurf may prohibit you from violating one or more of the above rules. If this is a temporary ban (such as a period of up to two weeks) you will have to wait a certain time. In some cases, you can use the Fast Track service. Camsurf may request your access to the system again and, if appropriate, access to the system may be provided. We never undertake to implement this service for all users.

When is it forbidden?

Camsurf takes into account the rule violation of the prohibited person. For example, it bans people who give naked images to a webcam indefinitely. That is, the violation of the rule directly affects the duration of the ban. In addition, the process of banning a second time for previously prohibited persons works differently. This process involves several different effects. It is necessary to wait for the process by asking Camsurf to remove the ban. Some minor violations lead to a short-term ban, so you may be banned from accessing several systems.

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